East Midlands schools are ‘worst performing in the country’

ITV is reporting that in a report, Ofsted has warned that education for thousands of children in the East Midlands is “distinctly Second Division” as it releases figures showing the region to be the worst performing in the country on a range of indicators.

  • The East Midlands is currently the joint lowest performing Ofsted region in terms of inspection outcomes, with almost one in three secondary schools judged less than good at their last inspection.
  • The region had the worst GCSE results in England in 2015. Nearly 46% of pupils did not achieve the benchmark five or more A* to C grades including English and maths.
  • Nearly 73% of East Midlands’ pupils eligible for free school meals (FSM) failed to achieve this benchmark.

The regulator’s chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw blamed a culture of complacency and a lack of clear accountability. 

“These statistics should serve as a wake-up call. The poor quality of education in many parts of the East Midlands often passes under the radar as attention is focused on underperformance in the bigger cities of the North and West Midlands, like Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.”

“However, in many ways, the problems in this region symbolise more than anywhere else the growing educational divide between the South and the rest of England that I highlighted in my last Annual Report.”

More at: East Midlands schools are ‘worst performing in the country’

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  1. Nairb1 Wilshaw’s comments also referred to Early Years (Leicester was given a kicking), phonics screening (ditto Nottingham).  https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ofsted-issues-warning-about-education-in-the-east-midlands

  2. The East Midlands is one of eight Regional Commissioner areas.   In any league table of averages there are bound to be some below average.  According to Wilshaw, East Midlands was joint bottom.  That means two of eight, one quarter, of regional areas are below average and are, therefore, ‘failing’.  
    A cynic might say this will give Nicky Morgan an excuse to convert all schools in these huge areas to academies on the grounds the areas are ‘underperforming’.
    Wilshaw grudgingly admits there are ‘pockets’ of good practice.  Insulting to the majority of good or better schools (see my comment re Leicester under Schools Week article http://schoolsweek.co.uk/wilshaw-education-in-east-midlands-distinctly-second-division/).

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