Early intervention improves children’s achievement at school, report finds

The TES is reporting that a recent study shows early interventions can be ‘vital’, but more research is needed.

The Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) has called for greater investment in more high-quality evidence of the impact of such schemes. The charity’s report, which looked at 75 programmes that aim to improve outcomes by supporting positive parent-child interactions from age 0 to 5, found those that target interventions based on early signals of risk – such as child behaviour problems and insecure attachment – are most effective.

The EIF review concludes that many of the programmes have the potential to enhance development, improve children’s achievement at school, and prevent mental health problems when they’re older.

Carey Oppenheim, chief executive at EIF, said: “Our review reveals there are a good number of well evidenced programmes that if carefully commissioned and implemented are likely to be effective.”

She added: “Too few early interventions have been tested in the UK and we still rely too much on evidence from other countries such as the US and Australia which, whilst important, does not remove the need to test programmes as they operate and adapt for the demands of the UK.”

Russell Hobby, general secretary of headteachers’ union NAHT, said: “This report shows clearly that a child’s life chances are heavily influenced in the first five years of life, and that effective early intervention can be vital.”

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  1. Alan OSullivan

    Theresa May has gainly adopted early intervention strategy of removing Nicky Morgan that will improve children’s achievements in schools.

  2. Alan OSullivan

    Theresa May has gainly adopted ‘early intervention’ strategy of removing Nicky Morgan that will ‘improve children’s achievements in schools’.

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