Doomed spelling and grammar test cost government £1 million

Schools Week is reporting that the key stage 1 spelling and grammar test that was leaked earlier this year has cost the government almost £1million in designing, trialling and producing. The actual figure is likely to be higher as this figure does not take staff labour into account. 

Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, said: “I am appalled at this shocking waste of public money which has been revealed by Schools Week.”

“If a teacher or a school had been responsible for such a monumental security blunder, heads would have rolled. Now thanks to Schools Week, we have found out the full cost, yet the schools minister Nick Gibb is still in his job.”

A government spokesperson said key stage 1 tests had an “important part to play” in its drive to raise standards, as they “help teachers assess pupils’ progress and identify early where extra help may be needed”.

He added: “The costs involved in developing this years KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test will be offset against the cost of developing and trialing future KS1 assessments.”

“The KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test breach was clearly regrettable, and a root and branch review is underway to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Schools were still free to administer the test this year, and to use it to help pupils master essential skills.”

More at: Doomed spelling and grammar test cost government £1 million

Do you agree with Angela Rayner that Nick Gibb should have lost his job over this blunder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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  1. SubjectRevolt

    SchoolsImprove It was an investment in children’s futures. Their futures in sitting more tests that is.

  2. neilayates

    SchoolsImprove No. The taxpayer.Typically incompetent from a breathtakingly accident prone DfE in 2015-16.Perhaps Morgan carried the can?

  3. Rizwaanaah

    SchoolsImprove this money could be used to put in intervention for children in school. Government need to rethink about their spending.

  4. SwailesRuth

    VivWatson1 SchoolsImprove yet again journalists confuse childcare needs with educational needs of children

  5. SwailesRuth

    VivWatson1 SchoolsImprove yet again journalists confuse childcare needs with educational needs of children

  6. darrenkeogh59

    Regardless of whether or not we agree or disagree with the tests, it is evident that the ‘accidental’ leakage was sabotage! And to ask for the head of Nick Gibb because of this malicious attack is like punishing a victim of crime for being a victim.

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