Don’t remain seated: Bradford school teaches kids standing up

The Yorkshire Post is reporting that a Bradford school has become the first in Europe to teach pupils while they’re standing up…

The year five students are being taught in a classroom not sitting at desks – but on their feet behind them.

Nine and ten-year-olds from Grove House Primary School are taking part in a seven-week pilot run by medical researchers Born in Bradford.

The scheme will see pupils take it in turn to stand behind six desks while the others sit down as usual.

Each student will spend a carefully calculated 230 minutes standing each week.

The trial is designed to assess the impact sitting for long periods of time has on concentration – and what effects it can have on childrens’ health.

The trial has so far only been used in schools in Australia – and Grove House Primary is thought to be the first school in Europe using the desks.

Teacher Hannah Rogers, 28, said: “The pupils have been so excited to take part in this experiment and they absolutely love it.

“We’ve only been doing it two weeks in my class and already I can see an improvement.

“I’ve got a very active class and I think they’re really responding to having more freedom, it keeps them focused…”

The year group of 55 pupils whose parents gave permission for them to take part in the study was divided into two – with the first half using the standing desks for seven weeks from February to Easter half term, while the second half started using the desks after Easter for another seven weeks.

During the experiment the pupils are being monitored in two ways – with an actigraph accelerator, a red box worn on the waist like a pedometer to monitor how much physical activity is carried out.

Secondly, with an actipal activity monitor, a small patch stuck to the thigh, which measures whether the pupils is standing or sitting.

Their weight, height, blood pressure, waist circumference and fine motor skills were also taken.

The results of these will be compared at the end of the study.

Dr Sally Barber, principal research fellow at Born in Bradford, explained: “The idea is two-fold. Firstly, we want to see whether we can change pupils’ behaviour.

“We know if you can establish healthy lifestyles early in life, that can be continued into adulthood.

“So a less sedentary lifestyle while you’re a child means less sedentary adults.

“There have also been studies which show that conditions like diabetes are affected by sitting for long periods of time.

“Secondly, sitting for a long period of time has been shown to have a negative impact on children in terms of concentration and behaviour. We want to see if this study will change that. “

…Dr Barber, who is working with four others on the study, said the hoped to have results of this first study by mid-September…

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Standing desks seem to have become very trendy in the workplace recently –  what do you think they might bring to the classroom? Anyone else fancy giving this a go? Please let us know what you think in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. jackieschneider

    learningescape – I teach music at primary so we either all stand or sit on the floor. No chairs in my room 🙂

  2. KatieJayneVale

    learningescape jackieschneider my ex-manager had a standing desk. He was fab! Full of energy & v productive. Might have just been him tho

  3. KMPF_partners

    janboo SchoolsImprove My thoughts exactly – test period not long enough to draw meaningful conclusions

  4. learningescape

    KatieJayneVale jackieschneider after spending lots on osteopathy I’m considering a standing desk too! More energy Wld b great side effect!

  5. musicmind

    SchoolsImprove hope they are not standing still but moving, grooving and also getting their brains working WITH their bodies. Good for them

  6. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove My Goodness me! An educational initiative that didn’t involve giving away the school buildings & land away to a carpet firm!

  7. kurtuluskaratas

    SchoolsImprove if this children are active in clasroom, they can’t sit for a long time naturally

  8. CllrRalphBerry

    SchoolsImprove a great example of Bradford’s work with the amazing BiBresearch cohort study #evidencebased

  9. Dramathesps

    SchoolsImprove mmmm……in Drama we do that all the time….it’s not news….#catchupwithwhereithappens#whyisdramamarginalised

  10. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove As I said already, school has educational initiative without recourse to giving away land and buildings to a carpet firm.

  11. P4tla

    SchoolsImprove One wonders how this stand up, don’t sit policy would be perceived if a faith school introduced it!!! IDamiel R_Valli

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