Does school uniform still perform any useful function?

The time for children being suspended from school for having dyed hair, excessively tight or short skirts or trainers instead of proper shoes should be early September, the start of the new school year. Tes reports.

This year, by contrast, uniform-based skirmishes have started early.

The Welsh government declared that uniforms in its schools must be more affordable, accessible and gender-neutral. Schools are expected to consider whether uniform should vary for summer and winter, and ask themselves whether school logos are “strictly necessary”.

Brits tend to think schools cannot be good without uniform (despite notable exceptions). The early rebranding of schools into academies was frequently signalled by the adoption of bright ties and blazers (strident purple was de rigueur 15 years ago): such garments were pricey, though digital advances nowadays render logos and badges cheap additions.

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What do you think? Is a uniform still a ‘leveller’? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin


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  1. Jane Eades

    I admit that I hate seeing primary aged children in restrictive school uniform. It is restrictive because children that young should not be having to wear blazers, etc – they should be wearing clothing which can be cheap and easily washed – not clothing that makes them into “little men” or “little women”. In secondary school, all uniform should be able to be bought very cheaply and not through a specialist uniform supplier. Anything else discriminates against those from families with low income.

  2. Gavin Gray

    Uniforms are important (but i agree should be cheaply available and minimise the need for compulsory bespoke items). Unfortunately if you get rid of uniforms it will make disadvantaged students stand out even more as they will not be wearing the latest fashions and wearing obviously cheaper clothes, in a uniform economic differences are less pronounced. I have often thought that non-school uniform days were a bad idea for this reason as well.

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