Do we need formal education at all?

Despite the esteem in which it’s held, education is as hotly contested and ideologically riven as any other field of human endeavour, probably more so than most. David Didau, an independent education consultant and author writes in Teachwire.

In most developed societies, school is taken utterly for granted and, like death, taxes and other things that are unavoidable, we often view it with a mixture of resentment and disdain.

I wasn’t a good student. I didn’t know how to study and I wasn’t at all sure why I was there. By the age of 13, I had started voting with my feet.

My free bus pass became my ticket out of school, and for months at a time, I would leave home in the morning in my school uniform and catch the bus into central Birmingham.

And where do you go if you’re a 13-year-old with no money in the middle of England’s second biggest city? The library, obviously.

I read all sorts. As well as indulging my penchant for science fiction and flicking through encyclopaedias, I wrestled with aging classics like The Decline and Fall of the Roman EmpireOn the Origin of Species and The Prince, as well as more popular titles like I’m OK – You’re OKThe Selfish Gene and Surely You’re Joking, Mr Feynman?.

And for some now unknowable reason I became a devotee of Russian literature: I read Crime and PunishmentThe Gulag ArchipelagoThe Master and Margarita and Anna Karenina.

I didn’t understand them all that well – and I certainly didn’t like them all – but I stubbornly ploughed through them, day after day. And no one in the library ever questioned my right to do so.

Finally…I won’t detail the exquisite agonies of my punishments here, but the one accusation that still rings in my ears is that I was throwing away my education.

At the time I went along with it, but now this seems rather bizarre. After all, what is education?

Why bother?

What, we should ask ourselves, is the point of going to school? Why do we make children wear uniforms, sit at desks and do homework? 

What’s it all for if children can learn as much – or more – from libraries (and, of course, the internet)? The point, as I’ve slowly come to realise, is that most children are not like I was. If I’m honest, even I wasn’t much like the way I remember myself.

At the library I only read what interested me. At school I had to learn about blast furnaces, quadratic equations, osmosis and The Mayor of Casterbridge, whether I wanted to or not.

There are no end of cynical takes on what education is, as opposed to what it ought to be.

Closing the gap

But, less selfishly and cynically, when we think about why we send children to school, the answers tend to fit into three broad areas: socialisation, enculturation and personal development.

Read the full article and ask is schooling doing it’s job? Do we need formal education at all?

With homeschooling on the increase, what do you think? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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    News Gayhear> and Eric Dane
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    to a sex tape & when she’s trying to be Beyoncé|Choice is made when one has sex.
    If you don’t want a baby don’t have sex. It’s pretty simple.
    Women are free when they use their bodies as they were
    intended. Not as sex toys simply for men’s pleasure, but in union with
    a man who is committed to their spouses well being.|Chris Duffy used
    his position at MealsOnWheels to harass embarrass me in front of my friends + seniors,
    to punish me for refusing to have sex with him, when he groped, cornered, harassed and intimidated
    me, and threw me down violently to pin me and make me afraid as i struggled|Codominance – when both alleles can be independently observed in a phenotype
    Multiple alleles – a gene that has more than two alleles
    Sex Linked Traits – the allele for a trait is on an X or Y chromosome
    Polygenic Inheritance – occurs when multiple genes determine the phenotype|Considering
    this was a sex trafficking drug breeding group, sure…why not.

    Mormon family connected to NXVIM and Mitt Romney|crying after sex?
    how about crying during sex|Crying during sex mean u love somebody?|CW:
    NSFW, abo, harem, sex slaves, mpreg, dubcon, other dark stuff

    Because this idea popped into my head.

    Alpha Enji Todoroki buys omegas on the black market.

    He ends up with four before he’s satisfied.

    Each of them have one thing he makes sure they’re good at.|D last time i allowed my cousin to date a friend, we caught dem having sex on top
    table in front of a shop on d street. Wat a disrespect|Daily roundup: Doctor allegedly beat up ex-girlfriend for refusing to have sex – and other top stories today …|Damn. India Love got a new sex tape out|Day 308:
    Type 2 Diabetes in kids
    Key points:
    Progressive, 40% kids asymptomatic
    key symptoms – weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, poor healing
    & thirst
    Risk factors:
    Family History
    Sex/ Gender
    in African, Asian,Hispanic
    Low birth weight|Did you know that at the Rio 2016 Olympics half a million condoms were handed out to the approximately 12,000 competitors?!

    Works out as 42 per competitor! So does sex enhance
    sports performance?! Interesting one @trainingpeaks – thanks!
    …|Did you know::: Lip stick was used by ancient Egypt prostitute to show that they are talented in Oral sex.|Diplo feat.
    Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off [OFFICIAL VIDEO] via @YouTube|Do men know romance and
    intimacy outside of sex?|Do people have sex on naked and afraid?
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    Do they have sex with each other?|Doctor accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend when refused sex claims he cannot remember what happened – NEWPAPER24 …|Doctor accused
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    sex tape somewhere? A lotta these Instagram models already fuckin for a dolla, lowki, dont know why they just don’t go for porn. Still lost as
    to why other women follow these types of girls. Literally ain’t
    shit interesting about them outside their looks|Does that go
    for women giving oral sex?|Don’t tickle my feet during sex.
    That shit’s annoying.|Donald self admittance:
    , ” I would invite a competitor to have a drinking fest, some women, a real sex orgy” THEN, “invite the wife of the guy to see the video ” THEN have
    sex with the wife in revenge !
    Yeah, I loved it ! I fucked them both !|DS9 had black
    lead 7 seasons long -> great show.
    DS9 had first Star Trek same-sex kiss onscreen -> great episode.

    DS9 had Quark changing sex for a moment -> not bad episode.

    TOS had Kirk changing bodies with woman -> ok episode.

    Those show were internally consistent. Unlike STD|Dude delete this before James Cameron releases an anniversary recut where he’s replaced Kate Winslet with the sex doll from Lars
    and the Real Girl|Dylan, so you want Calvin to sit next to a person on the plane watching
    sex scenes? Please encourage Delta to CONTINUE doing the right thing…
    the LONG version of a movie can be watched @ home in privacy.
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    tense and foreboding throughout. Great sex scene, and Julie Christie is stunning.
    Film almost spoiled by the worst attempt at CPR I’ve ever seen at the start and some mad old dwarf woman at the end,
    but the rest was gr8.|Equality does not mean getting your kit off in the vicinity of random males, nor is it equality that mixed sex changing rooms mean spy cams and dodgy blokes in droves,
    men still keep their changing rooms so where is the equality?|Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart’s Sex Tape
    Scandal Explodes 10 Years Later …|Eric Dane & Rebecca Gayheart’s
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    Ten years after a>se>>tap> with Eric Dane, his ex-wife, and another woman was leaked,
    he says he has no regrets.
    Eric ..>|Eric Dane is spilling new details about his sex tape with wife Rebecca Gayheart.
    …|Erm there’s a difference between MJ & R Kelly.
    R Kelly has evidence against him sextape with
    underage girl & married Aaliyah at 15. With MJ there was no evidence expect proving his innocence.

    You make documentaries right? Educate yourself & watch this|Evan never claimed he had a tape.
    The police never talked about it. It’s insane how badly you want to a
    tape because only a tape can prove it right? Guess what,
    R Kelly’s sex tape with a 14 year old was broadcast in court and the jury
    still gave a not guilty verdict SMH|Ever just watch some quintessential quintuplets looking at
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    Women must space their children so that they can recover, be strong and healthy to even contribute to their families.

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    Men`s Sexual Health
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    Penis Health >MensHealt>|god hatty hattington is so fucking hot I want him to tear off my clothes and have ravenous sex with me while singing Buckle Your Pants|going to be sharing a hotel room in Vegas with a friend of mine who I know would have sex with me, it’s probably not gonna happen but it’ll be fun to flaunt my sexuality in front of someone.. also he knows me better than most of my friends so this will be interesting for sure!!!|Gotta up your game, who’s Naruto having sex with these days?|Great album. Soft Cell. Sex Dwarf a stand out track.|Great song! Also, if I hold it long enough, I can hit a urinal from 6 feet away.|Guy on naked and afraid said “being naked with the opposite sex… just another Friday night” we now know that’s never been his Friday night & I hate hi>|Guys, I found what appears to be footage from the 1940s of an Italian elite ritual sex party, torture, humiliation, scat, murder. It looks real to me, but the video almost looks too modern so I’m not sure. Has anyone else seen this? I’m afraid to post the link.|Half of Percocet before we have sex, in the bedroom feel we outta space|harem doesn’t necessarely imply sex. even though it usualy does…|have sex with Amy again so kip will tell Zap to bomb the fucking earth|He gave his wife real poop, told her it was guacamole.
    We’re glad he dropped out; a weird, unsettled man.
    Goodbye Bozo D’Dork. Now fading away is Kamala…
    her momentum fell away after her sex scandal was
    revealed in the debates. The Fake Press won’t tell you.
    No on BERNIE !|Headache and some fever after 4 weeks of unprotected sex hits different.


    StaySafe|Hey guys I have a weird idea.

    So, I wanna start a newsletter, but in it, I want to *also* include an in-universe Star Trek sex advice column. If you wanna be considered for it, drop me a DM with your IN UNIVERSE, END OF DS9-ERA (no canon characters — you cant be sisko) letters|Hey Twitter! Lets mesh our playlist together

    The Thread

    Moses Sumney- Plastic Sofar NYC
    Alabama Shakes- Gimme all your love
    Cigarettes after sex- Nothings gonna hurt you baby
    Raury- Like a star/ Butterfly
    Frank Ocean- Self Control
    Bruno Major- Easily|Hi star butterfly I’m the ceo of sex|His behavior toward women in general is grandiose, cocky, controlling, and self-centered. He likes oral sex but only as a recipient. (He is the type to describe someone giving him a Blowjob. Even when he has never met them. When is that never sexual Harassment?|Hmm. He hasn’t sexually victimized in the same way the others have, but teaching that women must repent for not giving their husbands oral sex might be in the category of a type of sexual victimization. Certainly spiritual abuse!|How ’bout this fashion choice? Any regrets there? Eric Dane doesn’t regret 2009 sex tape with ex Rebecca Gayheart … via >pagesi>|How are you? Do you have a good evening? nudes sex w b0|How did r kelly have sex with a child on tape and didn’t go to prison|how similar are we stolen from sarah

    appearance (10pts)
    -brown hair
    -blue eyes
    -straight hair

    music taste (20pts)
    -why don’t we
    -new hope club

    movies/tv shows (30pts)
    -Sex Education
    -Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

    (out of 180 points)|How To Build A Harem Of Hot Awesome Girlfriends Revealed Here!

    Sex SexEd Sexuality Sexology GetLaid GetSex GetGirls Girlfriend Polygamy Polyamory GetAGirlfriend GetGirlfriends Dating PUA PickUpArtist Relationships Attraction …|how’s my mental health? i almost started crying during sex once because he called me beautiful. i love lady gaga. i think she’s a really interesting artist.|HSC PART II BOTANY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS
    -Watson and Crick Model of DNA
    -Ecological Succession
    -Types of movements are found in plants
    -Sex linked inheritance in humans
    -Mitosis and its stages|I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Introduction Sex Linked Inheritance|I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Meghan Markle strips NAKED in seductive Suits sex scene|I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Easy way to learn Sex linked inheritance : P K Agrawal|I agree that A man giving oral sex to another man does not make him gay. There is a big difference between sex and sexuality, but we’re not ready for that discussion because y’all condemn gay men and fetishize lesbian sex because you can sexually objectify women|i am aware this sounds exactly the same as “why does this harem hentai have so much sex”|I asked for phone sex, not the anatomy of tanks nor its properties paita aning kaigat nato hilig ug pusil pusil|I blame reality-tv stars’ acceptance & accomplishless family branding, so I blame the Kardashians. Which happened bc of Kim’s sex tape. Which she only did to copy Hilton’s. So Paris gave us Trump. We’d have been better off electing her & letting her make sex tapes in the Oval.|i cant stop thinking about the mistake i made pedigree charts f*ck u autosomal inheritance f*ck u sex linked inheritance f*ck u biology f*ck u!!!!!|I did see a report that said the family was connected to the NXIum (however spelled) group of sex trafficking. Very Sad!|I didn’t even think a sex Olympics was even real until I just seen some shit on Twitter like lmfao|I do not have hydration issues, though, so I don’t think that’s it. Apparently sex headaches are a thing and it can come from overexertion of certain muscles??? Idk it just seems weird that these have basically happened totally out of the blue after never happening once before.|I don’t mean this as a sex driven dude tweet, but I’d like to try an open relationship. The wife wouldn’t mind trying it out but I think it would tear is apart. That or skydiving.|I feel this way too but sex sells. With yaoi or shonen, they don’t deny it. It’s on the cover often. I’m not okay w. the reality but its attention. Want a strong fanbase? better be boobs or bishies in it. Fans don’t just consume manga for life lessons. Meet|I feel you!!! I’m on the mini pill too after having a baby and I can’t have the combined either!! I’ve have irregular bleeding and intense headaches!! I have to go through all that to prevent pregnancy!! It’s ruining my sex life, and ruining my mental health!|I find it appalling anyone think any different. Aside from the ANATOMY of our bodies… how is anything natural about same sex relations? I mean come on people. This is an insult to God in so many ways|I first had sex at 14. The only person I got pregnant in my entire life was my wife. But my parents were strict & talked to me re my responsibilities & sex. Well before I was 14.

    Whole idea that people should just let children have free-for-all is ignores real issues.|i fucking love soft cell and no one asked or cares but heres my nonstop erotic cabaret ranking (the basic version of the album)

    1. bedsitter
    2. sex dwarf
    3. seedy films
    4. tainted love
    5. secret life
    6. frustration
    7. youth
    8. chips on my shoulder
    9. entertain me

    stan soft cell|I gave up on this damn book. During the first sex scene the dude basically manipulates her into agreeing to fuck him and at one point the heroine is CRYING and telling him that he scares her. How the fuck even.|I had a friend who was a sex worker and a client approached her in front of me not knowing that I knew about her profession and called her by her work name. I really wanted to knock the moron out|I had sex in front of my friend when i was young ion know what i was thinking|i have the biggest crying during sex kink but i nEVer cry so i never get to live out that fantasy i’m :’(>|I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass about how people enjoy sex. Sex is overrated if you ask me, there is more to life than eating, having sex and party, but when you don’t believe in a life after, this is all you got, so make the best of|I hope Jimmy sees his ex girlfriend in the stands looking fantastic and having an amazing time w her new Seahawks fan boyfriend (who is taller and more handsome than he is). He notices as they leave early to have crazy sex because the game is out of reach in the 3rd quarter.|I just experienced the Ninja Sex Party Cool Patrol music video for the first time.|I just find it funny the people who have to comment on others people’s sex lives. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy stop criticizing others for their private choices. Don’t be angry that you’re not sexually compatible with someone, you’re not everyone’s tea and visa versa|I just found out that my favourite Foo Fighters song, is actually about giving oral sex to women…

    I mean…|i just watched r kelly’s sex|I learned a very interesting lesson about privilege during my short course.

    Privilege doesn’t only come with your sex, religion, ethnicity, and race.

    It also comes with your age group, education, geographic region, (dif)ability, family with single/married parent(s), & language.|I like em during sex but the headache I get after be having me fucked up lol|I liked a @YouTube video Meghan Markle strips NAKED in seductive Suits sex scene|I live with my ex who has a boyfriend and my new girlfriend went back to the Philippines cuz I suck at sex and comedy. This is gonna be REAL fun. …|I live with my ex who has a boyfriend and my new girlfriend went back to the Philippines cuz I suck at sex and comedy. This is gonna be REAL fun. @imjeremybassett @alexansoleaga @thesarahlawrence @malikbazille|I love that Kylo just hires prostitutes bc that’s one of my bigger hcs I rarely mention. Hiring a sex worker is a lot easier when he’s on random planets on missions, as opposed to trying to solicit someone without his helmet|I love this part about biology 🙂 Sex Linked Traits 🙂

    1. What is a sex linked trait? What is the difference in inheritance between boys and girls for sex linked traits? Describe an example of a sex linked trait in… …|I mean I already consider it an absolute given that Bill Clinton indulged himself with Jeffrey Epstein’s harem of underaged sex slaves on his many trips to Pedo Island.|I miss sad horny Kylo midnight tweets so imagine a horny Kylo walking to Hux’s rooms ready to beg for Hux to fuck him they haven’t had sex in 2 yrs. Kylo just really needs Hux rn. The prostitutes he gets are alright but he keeps thinking abt Hux during sex w them.|I miss the requisite sex drive for that.|I need that video of the little black kid at the dinner table tellin his mom how he over heard her having sex lol.|I once started crying during sex and it wasn’t for pain or pleasure, just got mentally overwhelmed|I remember crying during sex a lot with my 2 abusive exes and not even understanding what they even liked about it.

    Im so asexual this is why awareness matters!!|I say this as someone who joined tumblr in 2012. cartoon porn wasn’t seen as an issue, sex workers could use the site so they could be safe from pimps, fanfics as a form of exploration was always the norm before. things were tagged properly, and that was enough|I started watching reality tv 12 years ago when I was in the middle of a painful divorce. It saved my mental health. I get it|I suspect his wife to be is a sex robot. Can’t believe a real human could marry this vampire!|I think he was one of the Sweathogs.|I think it’s a little tag slapped onto 99.9% of the wold to indicate the tiny fraction that is left thinks about being the opposite sex all the time and is jealous we don’t have that issue|I think people are concerned because they believe that Epstein was trafficking minors to adults for sex.

    If that is true, then there are other people who have abused minors who have not yet been held accountable.

    And Epstein’s ex-girlfriend who seemed to be herding the minors.|I want movies again laying up, home cook meals, sex whenever taking pics, getting recorded while I’m sleep all that shit Ion want a lot of bitches nomo, I wanna kick back a grow old and be str8|I was a third wheel with a girl I knew and her bf to the movies. They made out the whole time during an Adam Sandler movie and then he asked her to go have sex after while they still had to drive me home.|i will not watch the tumblr oc sex joke cartoon|I’d be willing to have lesbian sex with Star Butterfly

    I mean what?|I’m just gonna wait for Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga sex tape to leak, cause it’s basicaly the same thing.|I’m mean I am expensive but also have a high sex drive. Also I’m sweet and funny… But I close-off easily… And I need to be touched everyday…And family oriented… And have gotten into reality TV really deep… but also love adult cartoons..And drinking…IDK…|I’m so close to bringing back my Chun Li and Juri. All im seeing is people using them just as sex dolls no real love for the characters]]|Idc that he has made secular music the majority of his career, idc that he is affiliated with one of the biggest sex symbol families in reality tv history, i don’t even care that he has had countless issues in the past. I just don’t believe that what he is doing is for the|If a woman pastor was caught on camera giving oral sex to a man who wasn’t her husband, folks would be ready to burn her at the stake like a witch…and use it as evidence that women don’t belong in the pulpit.|If an employer treats you differently because of your race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information (including family medical history), or older age, or asks you inappropriate… …|If I. see a Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga sex tape leak within the next WEEK of his breakup then what has this all about|If some weird tumblr sex pervert can get a job making cartoons for children because of their blog of strange disturbingly drawn children having sex with snakes it really proves you can do anything you set your mind to no matter how vulgar your social media|If the fact that he was one of the 8 member group chat that shared spy sex cams plus all the mounting evidence of prostitution & gambling charges & him destroying evidence hasn’t convinced you so far I doubt anything I will say will make a difference.|If the sex tape @TheEllenShow had an interview w/ a guy of is of me. @ladygaga can ABSOLUTELY keep the money. I just want to live. And for my fight with Satan to be recognized. To have security in all senses of the you have trouble knowing what that is, follow me. Period.|If the writers of Star Trek didn’t ship Kirk/Spock they would have had Spock have sex with his wife but they didn’t they had him writhe on the ground with Kirk until he was no longer deathly horny and that’s literally canon sorry.|If we die before the India Love sex tape hits the streets ima be furious|If you are ‘crying during sex’, you need a therapist. Point blank. You do not need someone on the internet telling you to run away from your problems.

    You need to speak to a licenced professional of some kind. Not a hugbox of broken feminists running away from their issues too.|If y’all still support TCS after him justifying sending porn and sex roleplaying with minors, harassing minors, abusing his ex, being friends with admitted pedophiles, and even worse, thinking people really want his girlfriend who threatens people with Katanas, y’all stupid|Ikr like if he really watched all of naruto dbz and one piece he clearly has not had time to work on his sex game|Im crying Mikal said I make faces like Kerry Washington during sex I hate him|im suprised india love aint got an onlyfans account, sextape, or sumn|Imma be honest I was one of da people who said they saw the r kelly sex tape…but I was in.. but anyways someone decided to randomly send me the original and dont ask me for da shit… but simply>r kell> is a…|In ancient India neither was sex a taboo|In Ashfield we have 4 choices, Ind leader who openly advertises for group sex, Labour leader who’s a clueless remainer, a BXP leader not from the area, or the Con leader who’s a local hardworking family man and true brexiteer. Ashfield is going blue|In California, the teen birth rate has hit a record low. Explanations include the state’s comprehensive sex education, access to birth control, better contraception methods and even reality TV. Even so, the rates in some counties remain very high.|In front of her stands a normal looking two floor house. Not exactly kept to a fancy degree but kept so it doesn’t fall apart after opening the front door.

    “A friend’s place who has girls and guy so they can find your sexual preference and then they can teach you about sex.”|In Massachusetts I can look up anyone on the sex offender registry. I see their picture, name, address, work address, crimes they were convicted of & when the crimes happened. It’s not private information. This is about having the information. This guy didn’t lose his job.|in my defense you have enough space cringe moments at ur disposal to ruin me|in the full unedited version of Booth Buddies I actually have violent sex with Marco in the booth while tom rants about pie or something|In the Motörhead song, “Eat the
    Rich”, when Lemmy sings “C’mon and bite my bone!” He ain’t askin’, he’s tellin’!

    TuesdayTips|In the Temple they told me it’s okay to not wear your garments if you’re showering, swimming, having sex, or on Naked and Afraid. Them the rules.|Incredible and passionate lesbian sex scene – …|India from love islands blacked sextape LoveIsland india blacked Ovie|India love need to just gone drop the sex tape|India Love needs a sextape ASAP !|india love sex tape chloroform porn latest porn videos chastity lynn porn|india love sex tape nude old women tinkerbell porn big fat cock|install now love,sex, romance quotes

    shayari urdupoetry lovequotes urdu hindishayari shayarilover hindi ishq loveshayari prabhatshayari SunnyLeone SunnyFXX india AmitabhBachchan USA USAGP usak USABWNT Bhabhi|Is Lady Gaga the one with the sex tape or the one from American Idol?|Is that near the BikeFurnace?|Is this the professional internet whore who recently popped up in my feed saying Kim Kardashian can never be a real Christian because she once did a sex tape? Talk about pot calling the kettle black! Beams in eyes, and all that.|It blows me to hear that so many heterosexual women do not enjoy giving oral sex. They just do it to please their partners|It boggles my mind A successful cp being dragged bc of their (,maybe,) narcissisms and sex addiction -in an era of reality tv prez-which is more like a cultural thing I get (( wish I could squiggly under cultural).. – tmz , selfie stick.. bye|it does, idk what to tell you. Like when you’re finished and youre lying next to your partner and all you can smell is sweat and sex? That smells great|It was a mercy killing.|It’s Movember2019, the best time of the year to brush up on your prostate health knowledge!

    Check out our prostate massager category for some truly orgasmic toys & take part in Movember to raise awareness of men’s health issues! SexualHealth|It’s actually 59 fucking years and yes sir, that’s a lot of sex.

    In the next 10 years Nigeria will be 69 and that will be all we’ll have to show for it… 69
    Yes 69

    But It’s sad, ọ dị very sap>|It’s always surprising to me to realize people go around thinking about sex the same way I think about Star Trek and tacos.|It’s not always about men vs women.
    It’s more about right vs wrong. Truth vs lies.

    Doing crime is not linked to gender, but a person.

    It’s fucking not a sex influenced/ sex linked/sex limited inheritance.


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