Diary of a headteacher: Squeaky bum time

As the end of May approaches, our SecEd headteacher diarist is crossing his fingers and hoping that he won’t have to join the recruitment scramble… 

Sir Alex Ferguson once famously described the culmination of the football season as “squeaky bum time” and as a headteacher, I am approaching the end of May with the same level of trepidation.

The teacher resignation deadline looms ominously and the fear of a receiving a letter from one of my teachers late in May will weigh heavily on my mind until we welcome the month of June. 

It really shouldn’t be like this, but we are unfortunately still operating within an education system where teacher shortages are a harsh reality. If one of my teaching staff resign late in May then I will be hoping to recruit a talented NQT – although I know that the best ones will already be snapped up by that point.

Sometimes I have been fortunate and I have managed to snag a great teacher late in the summer term because I was in the right place at the right time, but I know this is a rarity.

It is no secret that school leadership is a balancing act in many ways and this is no more apparent than when it comes to teacher retention and recruitment. I feel a significant responsibility to retain teachers in our profession – the attrition rates in recent years have been extremely worrying and too many talented individuals have been driven out of teaching for a variety of reasons.

One of my leadership philosophies that guide my work as a headteacher is that I feel that an important part of my job is creating the conditions in which my teachers can thrive. If the teachers in my school can thrive professionally and perform at their best and if I create a culture where we are all determined to consistently improve, then our students will receive a great education and they too will also thrive.

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