DfE scrapping need for costly post-16 dyslexia assessments

Tes is reporting that students who were assessed with dyslexia while at school will no longer need a costly second assessment after the age of 16 to receive support at university or at work.

Currently, young people need post-16 reports to access support at university and many workplaces, even if they have already been diagnosed with the condition.

These normally cost between £600 and £800 but campaigners say in some cases they can run into thousands of pounds.

But from February the DfE will scrap the need for multiple assessments, in a move that has been welcomed by campaigners.

A DfE spokesperson told Tes: “From February 2019, students will be able to provide a diagnostic assessment report as evidence of their disability in respect of an assessment undertaken at any age.”

Sue Flohr, policy manager at the British Dyslexia Association (BDA), said the change will make a huge difference to those students and their families.

“This is very good [news] for us because currently we have calls to our helpline from parents and students alike saying I can’t afford another assessment,” she said.

A survey on social media found 80 per cent had undergone at least two assessments and more than a third had been assessed three or more times.

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  1. N

    What about dyscalculia? My daughter was diagnosed but needs another expensive assessment before she can access support for university. Thousands of students are missing out on the support they are entitled to because of this ridiculous rule.

  2. Anonymous

    and speech and language disorder!
    Having another post 16 diagnosis is not only costly but makes the waiting lists longer for those not yet diagnosed and more unnecessary stress for the young person….
    Can some one please tell Student Finance Wales it doesn’t disappear when you turn 16!
    This has caused huge stress and anxiety for my son and as a result left university.. so wrong in this day and age with the amount of legislation around equality act, human rights , discrimination etc that a government body can get it so so wrong !

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