DfE plans to prepare pupils for classroom terror attacks

Schoolchildren could carry out security drills in preparation for potential terror attacks in their classrooms, under Department for Education (DfE) plans. Tes reports.

Lockdowns and evacuations may be practised to protect against other incidents, including flooding and chemical and biological emergencies.

The DfE is proposing to publish new school security guidance that will provide them with access to a range of information and tools that will help to develop sensible and proportionate policies and plans.

School standards minister Nick Gibb said: “Our schools are safe places and thankfully serious incidents are extremely rare.

“It is, nevertheless, important that schools remain vigilant and prepare for potential risks.

“This proposed guidance will help schools to identify such risks and how to ensure measures are put in place to prevent or mitigate the effect of incidents occurring, whether that is a terrorist attack, knife crime or other dangerous threats.”

The advice has been developed with organisations like the Home Office, the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, the Outdoor Education Advisers Panel, the Health and Safety Executive and others.

Depending on information from local organisations, schools could be advised to carry out drills to practise what to do in case of an emergency.

The guidance also includes preventative measures for threats relating to cybersecurity, information security, personal security and crime, and sets out the importance of developing a security policy that draws on advice from local experts.

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