DfE plans register of home educated children

Plans for a register of all children not attending school are being put forward by the education secretary, TES is reporting.

The proposals, to be set out by Damian Hinds today, aim to provide a clear picture of where children are if they are not in state-funded or registered independent schools.

The DfE said an estimated 60,000 children are thought to be educated at home, with the number rising annually.

The DfE hopes the measures will help local authorities identify if a child, who is not attending school, has an education which is not good enough, is solely religious, is at an unregistered school – or is not being taught at all.

Mr Hinds said that while the term “home education” includes children “getting a really good education at home”, it had also come to include those who are not getting an education at all, or who are being educated in illegal schools where they are vulnerable to dangerous influences.

Parents will be responsible for registering their child under the plans, the government said.

The proposed measures will also aim to increase support for home-educating parents, with local authorities required to provide teaching resources or financial contributions to exam fees.

Ms Spielman said: “Ofsted has long had concerns about the increasing numbers of school-age children not attending a registered school, many of whom may not be receiving a high-quality education or being kept safe.”

A public consultation will be open until 24 June.

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  1. Anonymous

    ‘Vulnerable to dangerous influences’

    Ha ha, hasn’t it occurred to the government that the reason why home education is increasing annually is because parents want to protect their children from the dangerous influences of the government, which are promulgated through state schools…?!

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