Despite Sats improvements, one quarter of 11-year-olds are ‘struggling in the three-Rs’

In their report on the latest Sats tests for this summer’s primary school leaders, the Telegraph reports that whilst results show a marked improvement on the previous year, nearly a quarter will be starting secondary school lacking a proper appreciation of reading, writing and arithmetic…

More than 135,000 pupils left primary school this summer with a poor grasp of the three-Rs, despite a sharp improvement in national results, it emerged today.

A quarter of 11-year-olds will be starting secondary education lacking a proper appreciation of reading, writing and arithmetic, it was revealed.

Results in Sats tests taken by pupils across England show a marked improvement on standards registered in 2011, with scores in all three core subjects improving.

But the figures show a sharp gender gap at the heart of the education system, with girls significantly more likely to gain Level 4 – the standard expected of all schoolchildren – than boys.

In all, 79 per cent of girls hit the target compared with 71 per cent of boys.

It was also revealed that the overall rise in standards was partly down to a decision to scrap a controversial writing exam this year.

In its place, pupils’ achievements have been assessed by teachers in the classroom – instead of a formal exam – resulting in a significant rise in scores year-on-year.

The Department for Education said figures showed a noticeable rise in standards this summer, although the “evidence for a real increase in attainment in writing is less strong”.

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