Derby’s Al-Madinah School parents protest to Government over secondary closure

The Derby Telegraph is reporting that parents of pupils at the failing Al-Madinah School have written to the Government demanding to know why the decision was taken to close its secondary section…

They say that not enough time has been given to the new trust board, which took over two weeks ago after the founding trustee members were forced to resign or watch the school close, to make improvements.

The Parents and Friends of Al-Madinah School – a free faith school – was formed after a damning inspection report was published in October calling it “dysfunctional” and “in chaos”.

In their letter to schools minister Lord Nash, the PFA accuses the Department for Education of ignoring requests for consultation before changes were made and of playing out “our children’s futures in the media yet again without considering their emotional and social well-being”.

The situation was further exacerbated earlier this week when no representative from the DfE was present at a meeting for parents at the school in Nelson Street, as had been expected.

The PFA letter states: “We feel frustrated that our questions could not be addressed to the personnel who made these decisions as this would have provided the DfE an opportunity to explain the logic behind the decision to close the secondary school.”

The group also questions Lord Nash’s reasons for closing the secondary section such as insufficient breadth in the curriculum but does agree that there needs to be improvement in the quality of teaching.

The letter concludes with a request to appeal against Lord Nash’s decision because they “feel justice has not been done” for their children…

More at: Derby’s Al-Madinah School parents protest to Government over secondary closure

You can read the full letter, also from the Derby Telegraph, at: Derby’s Al-Madinah School: Read full letter to Lord Nash from parents angered by secondary closure

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