Dear Gavin Williamson, teachers ask children to ‘tell the truth’. Voters would like the same from the Tories

Dear Gavin Williamson.

I don’t know what you did wrong, but the Conservative party team seem to have been be working hard to keep you off our screens as you all seek re-election. That’s a pity. I was looking forward to seeing you answer questions about such things as the expansion of grammar schools, the chronic underfunding of special needs provision and the just-as-chronic underfunding of school buildings maintenance. Michael Rosen, children’s book writer and broadcaster writes in The Guardian

I was also hoping to see fact-checkers get to grips with whatever justification you might come up with for the academy and free schools programmes: just how much has it cost us, with what proven levels of success?

I see you’ve found a bit of pocket money (£110m a year for three years) for the arts in schools to “enrich activities for all pupils”. Is this a joke?

The arts aren’t glitter. They offer pupils ways of exploring the world, materials and themselves through experiment, invention and open interpretation. Your department seems stuck in the era of chucking a few pence at schools to pay for a potter’s wheel but not for a kiln for the pots to be fired in.

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