Dear Damian Hinds, you didn’t need a ‘fresh look’ at special needs funding

Dear Damian,

You’ll remember, in May you called for what newspapers described as a “fresh look” at educational funding for children with special needs in England. Apparently a “review” would enable you to “make sure we have the best understanding of how our system for funding is operating on the ground”. When you said this, I admit to having made more than one sneery snort: one for the “fresh look”, one for “best understanding”. Michael Rosen, children’s author and broadcaster writes in The Guardian.

When you talked of a “fresh look”, you and I know this was triggered entirely by what everyone knows is a crisis. There are reminders every weekA crisis in provision. And everyone knows this crisis has been caused by the preposterous idea that something you people call the “British economy” (as if all we British have equal parts of it and all get the same out of it) could be “saved” by stopping us having decent public services. Cynically and cruelly you people cut back where you thought there would be least resistance. Guess who that included? Children with special educational needs.

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