Day-boarding is on the rise as pupils stay at school until 9pm or 10pm

Top boarding schools are taking on growing numbers of “day-boarders” who sleep at home but spend nearly every waking hour at school because their parents work late. This is from the Times…

These pupils can spend most of their life at school in the week, eating all their meals on site and remaining there as late as 10pm.

Schools report rising demand for day-boarding, particularly among families where both parents work long or unpredictable hours. The trend is particularly pronounced at schools within commuting distance of London, allowing City workers to cope with demanding jobs without an army of nannies.

The Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, began offering day-boarding two years ago for its younger pupils and has set up an exclusive area within a boarding house where they can relax and store belongings. Roy Page, the headmaster, said: “I’m aware some parents work very long hours — many don’t return home until 9pm or 10pm. They either work hospital shifts or are returning late from the City or travelling in Europe, or juggling the care of other children.

“Day-boarders often arrive at school in their jeans, are given breakfast and looked after in a boarding house, and then go off to school in their uniforms. They use the facilities until the end of the day and can go home at any time between 4pm and about 9pm.

“If they’re here until 9pm, they get changed out of their uniform, have something like toast to eat, then watch TV or go on the computer. Then they do their prep, followed by an activity such as drama or swimming, or relax in the common room watching a DVD.

“It means it’s all sorted for their parents, who pick them up and take them home by 9 or 9.30pm.”

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