David Walliams to help launch plans to boost child literacy in UK

The Guardian is reporting that Nicky Morgan has teamed up with David Walliams to announce plans to make Britain’s young people “the most literate in Europe”.

The plans include creating at least 200 new book clubs in primary schools across the country and ensuring every eight-year-old is enrolled at their local library

Morgan said all children deserved the opportunity to “read, to read widely, and to read well” regardless of their background: “It’s a simple matter of social justice…”

Walliams said: “Books fire children’s imaginations like nothing else can. In a world of the constant distractions of television and computer games, it is more important than ever to encourage youngsters to read.”

The government plans will also involve providing funding to the Reading Agency charity to extend its Chatterbooks scheme, a network of children’s reading clubs…

More at: David Walliams to help launch plans to boost child literacy in UK


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  1. David Walliams’ support for reading is a boost to literacy.  However, libraries are closing, reducing hours or becoming information hubs.  And I suspect Michael Gove would have been sniffy about Walliams’ books – they’re not 19th century novels.

  2. Busy Mum

    Janet2 Busy Mum We have a mobile library which visits the village fortnightly, timed to coincide with school pick-up time. only three families use it regularly but I often hear other children asking to step on board, only for the parent to say ‘No, no time today, got to do the shopping/walk the dog/etc etc’!!

  3. Oldprimaryhead1

    SchoolsImprove This is another pathetic attempt to dismiss 21st century life via ‘real’ books… no doubt written by the funny man.

  4. WirralGov

    Heatherleatt SchoolsImprove I remember years ago they used sportsmen to encourage boys to read! My library only open 3 days 🙁

  5. Dai_James1942

    Oldprimaryhead1 SchoolsImprove Words, with their analytical power. are needed. Does it matter if they are on a screen or in a book?

  6. Xanielew

    SchoolsImprove I agree. Shame the gov is closing local libraries, children cannot access literature easily. Great plan NickyMorgan01

  7. ShonetteBason

    Ian_C_Thomas SchoolsImprove why 8? Getting parents with children to local library is essential at 3 years!

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