Dangerous craze fuelled by social media sweeping UK schools.

The Scotsman reports that a worried mum has issued a warning over a dangerous new craze spreading through schools where youngsters spray deodorant onto their skin – until it burns. 

Teens are reportedly filming themselves holding the spray a few inches above them before pressing and holding the aerosol to the skin for as long as possible. The aim is to outdo each other to see who can endure it for the longest. 

But now a worried mother has posted about the craze, which she says has left some pupils at Bodmin College in Cornwall with physical injuries. “I’ve warned (my daughter) not to do it again… Just want you all to be aware.”

Another parent of a pupil at the college wrote: “Please, please be aware. There’s a new craze going around… Where they spray deodorants etc onto their bodies and continue until it burns their skin.

“Please warn your children not to do it as it will cause so much pain and more than likely end up in hospital. Please share to warn others.”

It closely follows a similar craze at the beginning of the year where parents were told to be vigilant on social media after the ‘salt and ice challenge’ left multiple children with serious burns.

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