Dad of daughter taking class A drugs claims ready availability in the playground

The Bristol Post is reporting that a father stunned by his teenage daughter’s revelation she had been taking class A drugs for months has written an open letter to schools, councillors and police appealing for them to tackle the issue….

The father, who is calling himself John to protect his daughter from her drug dealers, claims drugs are readily available in school playgrounds and youth clubs across South Gloucestershire – but no one seems to want to tackle the issue.

Cocaine, ecstasy, methadone, MCAT – known as Meow Meow – and cannabis are all being sold to school kids, he says. And he claims police told the family that the drug dealers the schoolgirl has named were not previously known to them.

Shocked by what he believes is a wide-scale problem, John signed off his letter “Does a young person here have to die?” before authorities begin addressing the problem.

The father, whose daughter is studying for her GCSEs, said: “I have found out about this problem because of my own daughter, unfortunately…

Deeply shocked by the revelations, the father went to his daughter’s school and the police but said he found them “less than supportive” in helping him.

And after investigating further, he said he was concerned by the availability of the drugs and had heard stories they are sold in schools and local youth clubs…

The police said they take all reports of drug dealing seriously…

More (including the full letter) at: Peril in our playgrounds: Dad claims Class A drugs being sold in Bristol schools 


Is the father here just being naive in thinking the schools/local authority/police can do anything to stop the sale of drugs or is he right to be angry that they appear to be on sale in the playground?

In the full letter he also appears to suggest the school has withheld information about the alleged drug dealers from the police in order to “contain the problem within their walls”. 

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove There’s a lot of “I’ve heard” and “Apparently” in this. Proof required before action taken. Not saying it’s not possible

  2. Busy Mum

    This father is correct according to my own children – schools are basically turning a blind eye  – teachers have got used to the idea that a large number of their pupils are taking drugs but they have other things to worry about… and of course, children’s decisions and choices must be respected nowadays mustn’t they, even if they make the ‘wrong’ ones……

  3. BehaviourA

    A product of the demise of good pastoral systems and the focus all on academic progress? Smoking overlooked too.

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