Education magazine TES loses star columnist over transphobia row

A columnist has resigned from education magazine TES to protest a front-page feature that listed a resource from anti-trans pressure group Transgender Trend. Pink News reports

TES had published a front-page feature in Friday’s (May 10) edition on how to deal with transgender issues in schools, which included a link to the resource from Transgender Trend.

The feature, written by teacher and ‘gender critical’ campaigner Debbie Hayton, evaluated a number of resources for schools and added: “In my view, it is the Transgender Trend guide that is most consistent with [safeguarding law].”

The print article included a list of resources that directed teachers to the Transgender Trend schools resource pack, which has been widely condemned by education experts and LGBT+ groups.

The pressure group, which has no experience in education or trans issues, also advises teachers to tell classmates of transgender students that “you can’t actually change from a boy to a girl” and “what you think or feel can’t change you from a girl.”

The feature has led to the resignation of TES columnist Natasha Devon, who is also founder of the Mental Health media charter.

In a statement on Twitter, Devon said she had been “concerned for some months” about TES‘ stance on trans issues.

She added: “TES‘ front page article this week contains promotion of an organisation called ‘Transgender Trend’, which supports conversion therapy for trans young people & suggests being trans is a mental disorder.

“It is my understanding that Transgender Trend pretends to be an organisation which gives teachers tools to support transgender young people but in fact does the opposite.”

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  1. So much nonsense in this piece. Debbie Hayton is a trans person for starters. Secondly why assume that the writers of the guidance Transgender Trend have no experience? Or that they are anti trans? Read the guidance and compare it with Mermaids or Allsorts guidance and make up your own mind. As teachers we have a duty to safeguard children and a fast track to medicating children, and blindly affirming their body dysphoria is not sensible or professional. Thank goodness the TES has begun to discuss this topic.

  2. Adrian

    Rebecca, please fact check before you dismiss the article as nonsense. You’ll find the answers to your own questions in your comment if you do. We should respect the expertise of those key groups who have condemned the resources promoted – in this case, the coumnist resigned because she considered TES to be endorsing a particular standpoint, instead of discussing this nuanced, emotive and important topic with an open mind.

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