‘Creative skills are just as important as technical ones’

The TES is reporting that Catherine Sezen is writing that we need to pay as much attention to creative skills as technical ones. 

The UK economy undoubtedly needs higher level technical and professional skills in order to grow, develop and compete internationally. It is vital to the economy that more people are trained for careers in construction and engineering; areas where the UK currently has skills shortages.

However, it is important that in striving to boost technical skills, this is not at the expense of creative skills and creative industries, such as design, fashion, music and performing arts, for which the UK is internationally renowned. Failure to protect these subjects could leave another skills gap, but one that could be more difficult to fill.

It may be argued that creative industries, such as music or theatre, are less stable and are perceived to have fewer opportunities to break into them than more traditional industries – after all, the world will always need plumbers and electricians – but equally there will always be the need for entertainment, photography and fashion design.

It shouldn’t be forgotten either that many occupations such as architecture, catering and hairdressing combine technical and creative skills. They ensure buildings are attractive as well as functional, food looks as appetising as it tastes and hairstyles suit the individual.

Technical and creative subjects are both vital to motivating young people and to the UK economy. We need to ensure that neither become endangered species within our education system.

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Do you feel creative subjects are being over-shadowed by more technical ones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on twitter. 

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  1. thiskidsthinkin

    The emphasis on ‘going to university and getting a degree is the most important thing to do well is life’ has created a skills gap and graduates stacking shelves in their local Tesco. We do need graduates, but many jobs can be learned better ‘on the job’.
    We need technically skilled people, caring people and creative people. While the creative side may not be as steady work as the other kinds of work, some people will succeed, some will do extremely well. Some won’t. A person certainly won’t succeed if they don’t try!

    The non-skilled jobs will still be there for those who don’t succeed in whatever they want to do. If we don’t try and follow our dreams and do what we have a talent for, we’ll always regret it.

  2. gafutch

    SchoolsImprove Don’t worry: give it five years and there’ll be a creative subjects campaign! #broad&balanced

  3. Kathfanderson

    SchoolsImprove Creativity ie experimenting, questioning, imagining should pervade the curriculum, it’s not just about the arts. AoC_info

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