Covid-19 reveals the alarming truth that many children can’t wash their hands at school

The Guardian is reporting that a survey found that 37% of teachers said they did not have hot water and soap available for pupils.

Global crises often bring surprises for schools. The first world war flagged up the high number of young soldiers who couldn’t read or write. In the second world war, middle-class country families despaired when evacuated children showed up malnourished and riven with lice. In the aftermath of both, politicians determined to make life better: focusing schools more on literacy and introducing daily milk and school nurses.

Official guidance is that everyone should be regularly washing their hands with soap and water while singing Happy Birthday twice. The song may not be official, but it helps children wash for the recommended 20 seconds. But this week the realisation has emerged that one in three schools don’t usually have soap and hot water in their bathrooms.

Read full article here Covid-19 reveals the alarming truth that many children can’t wash their hands at school

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