Coventry secondary school drops French for lessons in Spanish

The Coventry Telegraph is reporting that a local secondary school is switching from French lessons to Spanish for its younger pupils – saying that Spanish is more accessible, useful and popular…

From September 11 to 13-year-olds in years seven and eight at Foxford School and Community Arts College will drop French and take up Spanish.

A letter to parents says Spanish has more consistent rules and more consistent phonetics which makes learning more accessible…

The letter to parents of children at the school, in Grange Road, Longford, Coventry, also points out that Spanish is the second language of the USA, where many people of south American origin live, and the language of many celebrities.

The letter also says Spanish is a popular language.

Coventry University Languages Centre manager Bill Brick said: “The differences between learning French and learning Spanish are marginal.

“As far as how easy they are to learn there is not much to choose between Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Romanian.

“There are more speakers of Spanish than French. It’s the second language of the USA and there are American rappers who rap in Spanish.

“You don’t get much French being used by celebrities. The difficult languages are the ones with a different script. You need more hours of learning to reach fluency.”

Staff at languages teaching website Voxy put Spanish and French with Romanian, Swedish and Norwegian in a category of languages which take between 575 and 600 class hours to learn…

More at: Coventry secondary school drops French for lessons in Spanish

So, what do you think? Which of these languages should schools prioritise (if they decide or are forced to chose) and for what reasons? And what do you make of the school’s reasons in this case? Used by celebrities? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove spsmith45 Yes indeed, people rap in Spanish?? If rap Spanish is as bad as rap Engish then they still won’t understand it!

  2. spsmith45

    inglesenhuelva SchoolsImprove Er, not according to CBI. French and German still most in demand by UK businesses.

  3. spsmith45

    SchoolsImprove Spanish probably marginally easier than French for phonological reasons. What you write is what you say, unlike Fr or Eng.

  4. Mr_Chas

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove I saw little differencee, French more like English grammatically. How you feel about German & Dutch to compare ?

  5. spsmith45

    inglesenhuelva SchoolsImprove In European context Spanish not so dominant. How many UK children will work or live in Americas?

  6. spsmith45

    Mr_Chas SchoolsImprove French quite unlike Eng grammatically. Fr is inflectional like Spanish. Eng is not.

  7. Mr_Chas

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove Interesting, you r obvs correct yet I, as a learner, found the structure of French more familiar than Spanish

  8. spsmith45

    Mr_Chas SchoolsImprove Ger & Dutch rated about = to Sp in terms of difficulty. Dutch closest to Eng in many ways, but hard to pronounce.

  9. Mr_Chas

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove I speak almost fluent Dutch…..once you get used to the structure it’s not so bad.

  10. inglesenhuelva

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove Take it from someone who speaks many languages and is a teacher: start with Spanish, add German and French after

  11. Mr_Chas

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove As you say, when you learn the vowel sounds you are up and running, You guess everyone of them very wrongly !

  12. Mr_Chas

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove IMHO most important thing required to learn a MFL. Desire to learn and speak it. Euro kids have that, our don’t.

  13. Mr_Chas

    spsmith45 SchoolsImprove I know the correct respone re British kids is ‘rarely do’ but excuse my dogmatism. It’s more or less true

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