When the country is flooded with graduates, why are we still pushing students to university?

The Telegraph is reporting that students are preferring to go to university over vocational courses. 

Last month, it was announced by Ucas that the number of students enrolling for A-levels was set to increase by 4,000 with a commensurate decline in those enrolled for vocational courses.

In the view of Mary Curnock Cook, the Ucas chief executive: “It’s now a good decision to take A-levels even if you are not an A* student”.

She justified her view by arguing that: “… choosing A-levels means teenagers can keep their options open without having to fix a career path so early in life, whereas those choosing vocational qualifications such as sports science or health and social care are more likely to go into those fields, closing their options rather early in life.”

She concluded her argument by stating that: “sticking to academic qualifications doesn’t close any doors, regardless of whether you want to apply for a top apprenticeship or a top university.”

More at: When the country is flooded with graduates, why are we still pushing students to university?

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  1. pip_warren

    SchoolsImprove A really significant discussion to be had about these issues. Surprised to find myself in such a small minority in the poll

  2. Roots2Success

    SchoolsImprove and making them pay through the nose for it too! I’m hoping my kids go for degree apprenticeships instead!

  3. Stevius

    The only jobs being created are low skill zero hours contracts (in areas that cannot be easily outsourced to cheaper overseas areas) or in finance/services which rely on other countries actually creating the real wealth. When a UK government finally comes to its senses and develops an economic policy which places a higher value on engineering and manufacturing (like Germany) then the employment situation will change for the better.
    This idea that people will have to change careers 2-3 times during their lifetime is complete nonsense – it doesn’t happen in Germany and it doesn’t happen in certain sectors of the US (manufacturing, aerospace, telecoms).

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