Half of councils concerned parents are cheating to get children into schools

The Telegraph is reporting that half of councils are concerned that parents are cheating to get children into favoured schools…

A review by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator found that dozens of local authorities were worried about families submitting fraudulent applications in an attempt to secure places at particular schools…

As part of her annual review Dr Passmore asked local councils for their views on fraudulent applications – families submitting false information to win a place at a certain school.

Around 49 per cent were concerned about the practice, it found.

Local authorities had implemented “a range of measures” to tackle the problem, Dr Passmore said, including cross-referencing the details of applicants with other councils or national databases and carrying out various types of spot checks.

In total, 186 offers of places had been withdrawn as a result of alleged fraud, the bulk of them (136) in primary schools, across 66 local authorities, the report suggested.

More than a third of the withdrawn offers were in just eight areas, and four of these were London boroughs, Dr Passmore said…

More at: Half of councils concerned parents are cheating to get children into schools


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  1. thislast

    SchoolsImprove Why not cheat on your taxes and pay for private education? That’s what smart people do. Education going private, like health

  2. Janet2

    Latest wheeze – Stamford Welland Academy, lately taken over by CMAT, wants to change the point at which distance is measured for priority from the actual school (adjacent to a large estate comprising social housing and owner-occupied ex-council houses) to the centre of Stamford (adjacent to the town’s more affluent areas).

    Not sure this complies with Schools Admission Code.

  3. Despite intellectual fashion, the simple ideas of social power that I read about in the early 1970s are as relevant as ever. Some families will pull all the levers they can to make sure that birthright rather than national needs, natural justice or collectivist ambition will prevail. The precise mechanisms vary over time, but fees or prescient manipulation of admission procedures will always defeat egalitarian or meritocratic instincts. Behind many “I worked hard to deserve this” there are “fair procedures” that (in effect) make sure that well-placed (and well-meaning) parents will perpetuate the existing social structure in their own interests.
    This old evidence to Parliament is a gentle reminder of the enduring power of sharp elbows: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200304/cmselect/cmeduski/58/3091006.htm

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