Council warns it faces £67m funding shortfall to create school places city needs

The Yorkshire Post is reporting warnings that Leeds is facing a funding shortfall of more than £65 million in order to create the extra places needed in primary and secondary schools over the next three years.

After a decade of rising birth rates the city could see the numbers starting primary school reach a peak of more than 10,000 next September.

This means the equivalent of 25 extra reception classes will be needed next year alone.

And Leeds City Council officials believe they will need to create an extra four secondary schools over the next three years…

Paul Brennan, Leeds Council’s deputy director of children’s services said: “The extra numbers needed over ten years will be the equivalent of accommodating all of the children in York on top of what we already have in Leeds.”

An extra 1,328 places have been created since 2009.

However more will be needed in the next three years – and the council say the Basic Need funding it has been allocated by the Government will leave it at least £67.8m short…

Coun Lucinda Yeadon, the council’s executive member for children’s services said she believed councils should be able to open up their own community schools and also have a greater input into where free schools are located.

The council is currently only able to run a competition to open an academy but is not allowed to set up its own schools.

It also is not involved in where new autonomous state funded free schools are located…

More at: Leeds Council warns it faces £67m funding shortfall to create school places city needs


No doubt Leeds is not unique in being in this position but this report gives useful insights into the scale of the challenges being faced.

Your thoughts on the task facing individual local authorities and the funding issues associated with it? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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