Council loses legal fight over term-time holidays

The Metro is reporting that Swindon Borough Council has lost its legal fight over children being taken out of school for term-time holidays.

The five accused, from three families, were taken to court for failing to ensure regular attendance for the pupils – despite all the children having exemplary records. But all were found not guilty at Salisbury Magistrates’ Court in a ruling dubbed a ‘victory for common sense’. Swindon Borough Council said it was ‘disappointed with the outcome’.

Two of those cleared were a husband and wife, of Swindon, Wiltshire, who took their seven-year-old daughter out of classes for five days for a holiday to Turkey. He said that despite his daughter’s attendance being roughly 97 per cent, four weeks after they returned they were sent a letter order them to pay a £60 fine.

They refused after hearing about other high profile parent victories and were prosecuted by the council. The father-of-two said: ‘The law is there for a reason, for people who fail to ensure regular attendance.

‘It is not to fine parents that take a family holiday, but that is what it is being used for. We didn’t take the decision to fight it lightly’

More at: Council loses legal fight over term-time holidays

Do the parents have a point? Or should a child’s education always come first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter. ~ Meena

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  1. CherylSalmon

    Obviously it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The rules were designed to ensure lackadaisical parents who didn’t bother about school attendance, not hardworking ones who need a little flexibility in their work and family lives as well as avoiding being ripped off by holiday companies.

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