1. Mike Bell

    The cycle of educational disadvantage is due to the fact that these things were not experienced by the parents when they were young, as their parents had not experienced them….

    It is becoming increasingly clear that those who do not stimulate their children do not achieve the same brain-training and hence the child is disadvantaged at school.  Parents need guidance and help when these things do not come as cultural norms in their family.

    It is not patronising.

  2. eQeltd

    SchoolsImprove Should be part of all parenting. If lacking child led learning with close relationship person helps fill gap.

  3. amirshah316

    eQeltd SchoolsImprove Unfortunately this isn’t quantifiable and thus fails to be considered valuable. Remember lies, damn lies and stats!

  4. amirshah316

    eQeltd No I am talking about how the things you mentioned are ignored by politicians because they don’t fit in with league table dogma.

  5. eQeltd

    amirshah316 agreed. But as we know does impact on league tables as will not reach full potential if emotional needs not met

  6. amirshah316

    eQeltd 100% agree but schools give this area so little attention because they ignore it’s usefulness. I want real effective PSHE education.

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