Controversial headteacher Sir Greg Martin retires from Durand Academy

The TES is reporting that Sir Greg Martin, the controversial high-earning executive headteacher of the Durand Academy, is to step down.

Sir Greg, who led Durand Primary School in its different guises since 1986, announced today that he was retiring from his role as executive principal but would remain a governor at the school.

The headteacher, who was knighted in 2013 for his services to education, has continuously made headlines for the remuneration he received in return for running the school and a leisure business on the side…

Sir Greg set up a private business, called GMG, to manage the gym, swimming pool and studio apartments that are part of the school site.

MPs were told that in 2013, the headteacher received more than £229,000 in basic salary and pension contributions, but also pocketed an additional £161,000 last year through GMG…

Governors have appointed Mark McLaughlin as interim executive headteacher at the school to replace Sir Greg.

Mr McLaughlin said: “This is a very exciting time for Durand Academy, with plans for expansion of the boarding school pressing ahead. Sir Greg has made a huge impact on the educational opportunities offered by Durand and I look forward to continuing to drive this forward in the future.”

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He should at least have a nice pension to keep him going in his retirement.

Seriously though, away from the remuneration issues, what impact has Sir Greg had at Durand, with the state boarding school in West Sussex and on education more broadly?



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  1. It will be business as usual at Durand.  The EFA Financial Notice to Improve  said Durand Academy Trust (DAT) should take steps to (among other things):
    ‘…to manage the potential conflicts arising from the
    position of Mr Mark McLaughlin as head teacher of the primary school and
    director of DET [Durand Education Trust] and LH [London Horizons Limited]. In your letter of 27 February you say that once the
    Charity Commission’s inquiry has concluded you will ask Mr McLaughlin to either
    stand down as head teacher or as director of DET/LH. This delay is
    unacceptable. We are not persuaded that Mr McLaughlin should continue to hold
    positions in both DAT and DET/LH while line managed by Sir Greg Martin who
    benefits from the GMG contract now held by DET of which LH is a wholly owned

    McLaughlin is still a director of DET/LH.  He has not stood down as head but has been rewarded by a promotion to executive principal.
    I wonder what Margaret Hodge, chair of the Public Accounts Committee when Sir Greg was questioned, would make of the way DAT is ignoring the EFA’s requirement.

    EFA Financial Notice to Improve is here

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