Consultation on changes to Teachers’ Pension Scheme regulations

Today (15 May) the Department for Education is opening a consultation on the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. This is the result of two 2017 Supreme Court rulings requiring minor changes to this scheme’s regulations, along with those of every other public sector pension scheme. FE News reports.

The changes will cover three areas:

Providing civil partners and same-sex spouses with the same survivor pension rights as widows

Removing the requirement for the completion of a nomination form for unmarried partner benefits; and

Other small technical changes and clarifications to ensure that the scheme operates as intended

The consultation will run for six weeks and seek views from stakeholders on these changes, as per the requirements of the scheme.

Nick Gibb, Minister for School Standards, said: “These very important changes will make the Teachers’ Pension Scheme fairer for teachers and their spouses in same-sex marriages and civil partnerships, and will simplify the process for those in unmarried relationships.

The TPS is one of only eight pension schemes guaranteed by the Government; provides additional benefits linked to salary; is inflation-proof to offer teachers a secure retirement; and from September will offer a teacher earning £30,000 around £7,000 in employer contributions every year.

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