Conservative MPs demand school funding reform

The BBC is reporting that Conservative backbenchers are demanding radical changes to school funding in England within months…

They say ministers face a campaign from dozens of their own MPs unless they commit to swift reform.

Teachers will be made redundant and class sizes will increase without action, they say.

One backbencher, Daniel Kawczynski, said that “huge numbers” of Conservatives in the Commons were demanding change.

He told BBC Radio 4’s the World at One: “I think you would be fascinated how strong the feelings are on this issue and the sort of campaign that is going to be pursued in the course of this year”

Conservative former chairman of the education select committee Graham Stuart said he believed dozens of Tories would want the “earliest possible” announcement, ideally in July’s Budget…

Backbenchers say the way government money is earmarked for local authorities to fund schools must change from next April.

There are sharp variations across the country, with the best funded areas receiving as much as £7,000 per pupil and the worst off getting just over £4,000.

Ministers said they intended to change the system since 2010, promised reform in 2013, and made a fresh commitment in the Conservative manifesto.

They provided an extra £390m to the worst funded authorities at the end of the last Parliament, but have not rewritten the funding formula.

The move would almost certainly see well funded inner city authorities lose money, while some rural areas would be winners…

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Interesting that pressure is buidling from Conservative MPs for the funding formula to be reformed as a matter of urgency.

Presumably they are more likely to be in areas that currently seem to be more hard done by?

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  1. SchoolsImprove

    cathy_farr I think we need to see the detail, but many (including our recent poll) suggest change is needed

  2. TW

    In 2010 they promised it would be in place before the 2015 election.  In 2013 they chickened out and put it off until after the election.  If they are going to do it, it will probably need to be this year or they will again run away from it.

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