Confirmed: School tables to exclude IGCSEs in 2017

The Times is reporting that schools that enter pupils for international GCSEs will not have their results recognised in performance tables when the first new GCSEs are awarded…

The decision, confirmed by the Department for Education yesterday, will be a blow to many independent schools and some state schools that switched to these exams. It may prompt some to abandon iGCSEs and to gamble by embracing the first generation of redesigned GCSEs…

The first of the new, more difficult GCSEs will be introduced in autumn 2015, in English, English language and maths, with the first exams in summer 2017.

Cambridge International Examinations, the market leader for iGCSEs, said it was modifying its English and maths qualifications to meet the new GCSE standard but said their exclusion in 2017 “clearly creates some challenges for schools”.

Ofqual, the exams regulator, had said it would involve “an unacceptable level of risk” to try to police standards in both the iGCSEs and new GCSEs when they were first awarded…

More at: School tables to exclude iGCSEs (subscription required)


See the response from CIE at: Cambridge responds to DfE decision on Cambridge IGCSE recognition in performance tables and follow on Twitter @CIE_Education for updates


That this was likely was reported a few weeks ago – your thoughts and reactions now it has been confirmed for the 2017 exams? What impact will the decision have on your school? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove CIE_Education League tables are toxic & divisive; this could be an opportunity to make them meaningless. Won’t happen tho

  2. joeybagstock

    MaryMyatt SchoolsImprove it seems that less than a week after Gove leaves, Stacey gets her way with qualifications.

  3. porees

    icpjones russeltarr SchoolsImprove Guess we will find out now whether IGCSE English entries rose so quickly because it was good for kids

  4. icpjones

    porees russeltarr SchoolsImprove Don’t know about English but for modern languages it just doesn’t make sense…

  5. Janet2

    @andylutwyche SchoolsImprove CIE_Education If enough schools have the courage to stick with iGCSEs if they think these exams are the best for their pupils, then league tables would become meaningless.  This would ease the pressure on all schools.

  6. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove I know a free school who set it’s stall out with IGCSEs, that was its USP, taking IGCSE was main benefit of yr7 going there

  7. porees

    icpjones russeltarr SchoolsImprove word-of-mouth buzz about Cambridge IGCSE English very much focused on status as league table loophole

  8. porees

    icpjones russeltarr SchoolsImprove I find it a great option for Y12 Engineers with only two hours a week to try to get Level 2 Eng Qual

  9. icpjones

    russeltarr porees SchoolsImprove In languages, I would say it is the best exam to prepare pupils to carry on studying languages at AS/A2

  10. icpjones

    porees russeltarr SchoolsImprove I wonder if there is an issue with lack of political control as it is an “international” qualification..

  11. russeltarr

    icpjones porees SchoolsImprove That was my initial assumption as well. Especially from history angle, which is obviously not ‘British’

  12. porees

    icpjones russeltarr SchoolsImprove I have heard as much. Gove/Govt have problem with S & L component necessary in international Eng qual.

  13. porees

    icpjones russeltarr SchoolsImprove Exactly. International market WANT coursework and S & L, which Gove hated (Sure he hated ‘Listening’)

  14. CurlyMan66

    ajjolley SchoolsImprove a few years ago they were touted as ‘rigorous’ cos no coursework and independents did them, not that they gamed

  15. PrincesBold

    Big mistake, indies use IGCSE. Who gets most Oxbridge? Will Oxbridge not recognise IGCSE? State pupils, places at Oxbridge/Russell Group just got a lot easier for indie pupils to get!

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