Complete list of academy sponsors facing DfE warnings over ‘poor’ performance revealed

The TES is reporting that the DfE has released the latest list of letters it has had to send out to academy sponsors because of its concerns about the “poor performance” of their schools.

There are 99 official letters in total, going back to January 2012 when the warning system was first introduced. They also reveal that 11 academy chains have received multiple warnings.

The Academies Enterprise Trust – the biggest chain in the UK, with 68 schools – has received 14 letters, more than any other sponsor. It was criticised by Ofsted in September 2014 for failing to give “too many pupils” a good enough education.

The DfE has been releasing details of the correspondence since 2013. The most recent two letters, in the latest list, both concern the Oasis chain, with two of the sponsor’s academies receiving notices that their funding agreements could be terminated…

More (including the list of academy sponsors that have reveived multiple ‘poor performance’ notices) at: Revealed: complete list of academy sponsors facing DfE warnings over ‘poor’ performance


See the full details from the DfE at: Academy trusts: notices about poor performance


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