Companies should ask job applicants whether they went to private school, says minister

The Telegraph is reporting a minister’s call that companies should ask job applicants whether they went to private school, in a bid to stop discrimination against the poor.

A set of questions allowing firms to check the ‘socio-economic background’ of those applying for jobs is has been drawn up by Matt Hancock, a Cabinet Office minister.

Initially, it is expected that applicants for Civil Service jobs will be asked the questions when applying as part of ‘equalities monitoring’.

Mr Hancock said: “Social justice is at the heart of everything this one nation government is trying to achieve. Our goal is simple: to make sure everyone has the opportunity to succeed and make the most of their talents, whatever the circumstances of their birth.

“We are tackling the last workplace taboo. We British don’t always like to discuss things like our parents’ background, particularly at work. But you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

“We are determined to lead the way, which is why we are working with major employers to develop a national measure for social mobility so we can take action and break down barriers to employment.”

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  1. Doesn’t Hancock realise that job application forms usually ask where the candidate was educated?
    Perhaps the answer is for candidates NOT to reveal where they were educated but just list their qualifications for the job.

  2. HALLY

    Couldn’t agree more Janet – and this policy makes the assumption that attending private school confers an automatic advantage. This is NOT necessarily the case!

  3. wasateacher

    Presumably the reason that he doesn’t know is because he was privately educated and went to one of the posher colleges of Oxford and has, therefore, never had to fill out an application form – just managed to get jobs with a handshake.  It is the sidestepping of normal appointment systems which is discriminating against those less privileged.

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