Community shocked as eight-year-old boy charged over school vandalism

The Press and Journal is reporting that an Aberdeen community has been shocked to learn that an eight-year-old boy has been charged with smashing 10 windows at a local primary school.

The police said hundreds of pounds of damage was caused during the vandalism spree at Bramble Brae School in Northfield on Sunday.

The youngster accused of breaking the windows will be reported to the youth justice management unit.

Northfield councillor Jackie Dunbar said the local community would be angered by the incident.

“Cummings Park folk love Bramble Brae school and the whole community will find it shocking that anyone has done this to the school, no matter their age,” she said.

“I think it’s always a shame when the holidays come around and these things happen.”

Fellow local councillor Gordon Graham said: “When kids are that young the parents should be taking more responsibility for their kids action.

“I’m sure the local community will be very unhappy that it has happened.”

Eight is the current age of criminal responsibility in Scotland, compared to 10 in England and 14 in Germany and Italy, although there have been calls to raise it…

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