Combining primary and secondary teaching could see maths teachers multiply

The Common Space is reporting that the University of Glasgow has announced they will train educators to work between both primary and secondary schools to boost the decreasing numbers of maths teachers.

Scotland’s primary and secondary school pupils could soon receive maths lessons from the same teacher after Glasgow University announced it was to start training ‘middle teachers’ for a dual educational role.

“The programme has been developed by the University of Glasgow’s School of Education to create a new kind of teacher – a middle years teacher who would teach in the upper grades of primary school and the lower grades of secondary school”, Professor Trevor Gale, head of the university’s School of Education, told CommonSpace.

“The teacher would have expertise in mathematics and numeracy and would be qualified to teach mathematics in the lower grades of secondary school.

“The programme is part of the School of Education’s broader commitment to producing more STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] teachers in Scotland.”

The scheme could see pupils taught maths by the same teacher from the latter years of primary school to the early years of secondary education – a move Professor Gale believes will improve the standard of learning and close the attainment gap between poorer and better off pupils.

More at: Combining primary and secondary teaching could see maths teachers multiply

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