College student ‘took gun into school with intention of selling it’

GetSurrey is reporting that a student is believed to have taken a gun into a Ewell school with the intention of selling it.

Officers from Surrey Police were called to the North East Surrey College of Technology (Nescot) on Monday (November 30).

The gun, which is said to be an antique flint lock pistol, was seized by officers and the student was suspended pending a police investigation.

A spokesman for Nescot said: “Staff were alerted to a student attempting to sell what was being described as a gun. The student was immediately isolated and searched, and the police were called.

“Surrey Police has confirmed that the item, an antique flintlock pistol, was decommissioned and as such could not have been fired. Furthermore, no shot or powder was present.

“No student or member of staff was at risk at any stage. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage…”

More at: Ewell college student ‘took gun into school with intention of selling it’


Hmmm – fair enough to be concerned on first sight, but if it was decommissioned, and therefore safe, is it really that serious if the intent was to sell it rather than use it in any kind of threatening way? 

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