Coalition of leaders launch campaign calling for reforms in education

The TES is reporting that a school leaders and supporters of reforms introduced by Michael Gove and David Cameron are now calling for a shift in policy.

A group of school leaders, teachers and policymakers has launched a campaign calling for education reforms to focus on areas such as more testing and stronger behaviour policies.

The coalition of “education reformers” (see below) is heavily made up of supporters of the reforms brought in under Michael Gove and David Cameron and includes the likes of Tom Bennett, founder of ResearchEd and chair of the Department for Education Behaviour Group
, Dan Moynihan, CEO of Harris Federation and Rachel Wolf, founder of the New Schools Network and former education special adviser to 
the prime minister.

The group, called Parents and Teachers for Excellence, will push for the government’s schools policy to “move away from structures” and focus more on what happens in the classroom. The launch comes just a week after the government announced its plans to dramatically expand the number of grammar schools in England.

But the group’s founder, Rachel De Souza, chief executive of the academy chain Inspiration Trust, said the PTE was not created in response to the government’s plan.

Dame De Souza said the PTE will argue the case for the government to go beyond their academies and free school policies and focus on boosting the education “for all children”. “The debate was going too far down the ‘local authority schools versus academies’ route, which we felt was missing the point of what we are trying to do in academies and free schools”, she said.

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  1. Nairb1

    Just what we need, a group of people encouraging the government to dictate not just what is taught (fronted adverbials anyone?) but also how it is taught. What a disaster that would be, just imagine the Nick Gibb ‘Book of How to Teach’. The stuff of nightmares.

  2. One of PTE’s launch notes equates ‘excellence’ with ‘rigorous’ testing, ‘rigorous’ subjects and subjects taught in ‘private schools’.  This implies that anyone opposing ‘rigorous testing’ etc is anti-excellence.  This is the same ploy used by Gove when he talked about the Blob and ‘enemies of promise’.
    ‘Icing on the Cake’ debunks this launch note here:

  3. PTE’s supporters contain the usual suspects: four from the Inspiration Trust, three from Harris, two associated with the New Schools Network, Tory Lord O’Shaughnessy and Jonathan Simons from Policy Exchange.

  4. Dame Rachel Do Souza says we should stop talking about structures and more about what goes on in the classroom.  She says we should look more at what academies and free schools are trying to do.  Leave aside the lucrative ‘related party transactions’ that occur in many academy trusts, what exactly are academies and free schools doing that LA-maintained schools aren’t?   Both Ofsted inspections and results of tests (enthusiastically supported by PTE) find there’s little difference between  LA schools, academies and free schools (albeit a small sample have yet been inspected or have posted results).

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