‘Climate of fear’ school makes deal with unions

The BBC is reporting claims that industrial action by teachers in dispute with managers at a school in South Gloucestershire could be over.

Staff at Winterbourne International Academy have walked out three times recently over 24 highlighted issues.

Two teaching unions have claimed a “climate of fear” exists at the school.

Following a Thursday meeting managers said an agreement had been reached on an action plan and it was confident there would be no further strikes.

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) had previously criticised “a punitive accountability regime” which had “created a climate of fear and policies that are not fit for purpose”.

They highlighted 24 issues including what they described as threats including “haranguing language”, pay levels, work pressures and teacher expectations.

The academy management team has not responded directly to all of the claims made by the two unions, but said “like all schools we are statutorily required to have an appraisal process that links pay progression to teacher performance”.

The school was shut to year 7-11 pupils on Wednesday and Thursday, and partially closed on Thursday last week…

More at: Winterbourne ‘climate of fear’ school makes deal with unions


Fingers crossed, let’s hope this one has been sorted out. Anyone confirm either way? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. AlfredoNokez1

    SchoolsImprove It’s commonplace in schools nowadays! Armies of fast-tracked SLTs bullying hard-working staff because they know no better.

  2. StephenG41HR

    SchoolsImprove Is this a sign of things to come? Is it one of the reasons that government is so exercised about the role of trade unions?

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