Climate change: Schools failing us, say pupils

“It’s educated people who are causing the most damage to the planet,” says sixth-former Joe Brindle, BBC is reporting.

Ministers agree “it is vital that pupils are taught about climate change” but Joe says schools are failing to prepare them for a climate emergency.

“It’s people with degrees from Oxford and Cambridge who are becoming fossil-fuel chief executives and they are the ones who are causing the most destruction to our world,” says Joe.

On Wednesday, Joe, a pupil at Devizes School, and more than a dozen other under-18s who make up the core of Teach the Future, will take over Parliament’s Terrace Pavilion to host a crowdfunded reception for MPs.

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  1. There is enormous potential to get the climate show well and truly on the road where it matters most, in the heads of politicians everywhere.

    Joe Brindle and his colleagues are doing a great job on focusing our attention on how the present curriculum fails our young people because it pays scant regard to the fact that we are facing an existential crisis around this very issue. The Pavilion should be packed to the gunnels with MPs and Peers on the 26th. However, I predict that it won’t.

    They need a personal reason to sit up and listen. They need to be presented with the ultimate ultimatum. Teach the Future should aim to be the first youth-led climate awareness movement to ask all its supporters, and indeed all young people, to make a Youth Election Pledge. The object of this would be to declare their intention NEVER to support a prospective MP or political party that does not have a detailed, fully costed plan to tackle the climate emergency with immediate effect. If politicians and leaders fear anything it is any mass movements that has a sting in the tail.

    The youth have at their immediate disposal the most powerful means of forcing leaders to take appropriate action NOW. I urge them to do it and also for the ‘Make Votes Matter’ campaign to align with them in further democratising our ailing democracy.

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