Clever teenagers twice as likely to smoke cannabis due to their curious minds, study finds

The Telegraph is reporting that a study has found that clever children are twice as likely to smoke cannabis as teenagers due to their curious minds.

Experts examined data for more than 6,059 young people from 838 state and 52 public schools across England. They found that bright children are less likely to smoke cigarettes as teenagers but more likely to smoke cannabis.

Researchers found that clever children are more likely to smoke cannabis in their late teenage years because they have greater curiosity and strive to be accepted by older people.

They added that children who are “initially cautious of illegal substances in early adolescence as they are more aware of the immediate and long-term repercussions that breaking the law may incur than those with lower academic ability.”

“High childhood academic at age 11 is associated with a reduced risk of cigarette smoking but an increased risk of drinking alcohol regularly and cannabis use,” the researchers, from University College London, wrote.

“These associations persist into early adulthood, providing evidence against the hypothesis that high academic ability is associated with temporary ‘experimentation’ with substance use.”

The study, published in the journal BMJ Open, found that during their early teens, high-achieving pupils were less likely to smoke cigarettes than their less gifted peers. And they were more likely to say they drank alcohol during this period.

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