Clegg eyes control of DfE in any coalition deal

The TES is reporting that Nick Clegg has targeted control of the Department for Education in any coalition deals…

The Liberal Democrat leader said he wanted his party to run the DfE “on our own terms”, having spent the past five years dealing with the “zany” ideas of former education secretary Michael Gove.

Speaking on the campaign trail ahead of next month’s general election, Mr Clegg once again described the Lib Dems as the “party of education”, promising to free teachers from the political meddling that he said characterised the previous Parliament.

Asked if education would be the kind of Cabinet post he wanted for the Lib Dems under another coalition, Mr Clegg said: “I would, particularly having wasted a lot of time dealing with a lot of zany, ideological gimmicks from Michael Gove and his team.

“It would be a good thing if the Liberal Democrats were able to run education policy on our own terms, not least because we are the only party which is prepared to give the schools, colleges and nurseries the means that they need to absorb 400,000 new youngsters in our education system over the next five years…”

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Your thoughts on the idea of the Liberal Democrats being in charge of the DfE in any forthcoming coalition (or at least having the education secretary from their party)? 

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