Clearing: use Facebook to uncover the truth about universities

The Guardian is reporting how students going through clearing can use Facebook and other social media to get a better indication of what universities are really like.

…Social media can help enormously, says Jack Wallington, community director at the Student Room website. “You can find people, online, who are at the university you want to go to and doing the course you’re thinking of taking – and then you can ask them what it’s really like. That’s so powerful.”

And there are many ways of finding people to talk to. Search Twitter or YouTube and you should be able to find students doing the course you’re interested in – then you can contact them directly with questions. 

Joining private Facebook groups for specific subjects or societies is another good idea – if you send a message to the group owner explaining why you want to join, they should be happy to add you on a short-term basis.

As with any social media interactions, it’s important to keep yourself safe, so use privacy settings where appropriate and be wary of publishing any personal information about yourself (such as phone numbers or pictures of your home or school)…

More at: Clearing: use Facebook to uncover the truth about universities


It’s certainly a lot easier than ever to get information about people and places: I guess the challenge to making sense of it all (a bit like reading online reviews). 

How would you advise a prospective student to develop an accurate impression of a university/course if they are unable to visit and having to make a quick decision on an offer?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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