Clearing: Top British universities dropping grades as they struggle to fill places

The Telegraph is reporting that top universities are “slashing” grade requirements for places on highly-coveted courses as they struggle to attract students during clearing.

Russell Group universities, the 24 most elite institutions in the county, had been preparing for fierce competition ahead of a lift on the cap on the number of students universities can recruit…

But universities were still struggling to fill places during clearing today, including the University of Leeds with around 380 places left, Glasgow University with over 200, Manchester with around 180 and Queen Mary with roughly 190…

Southampton university had up to 359 courses in clearing, with some departments dropping at least one grade of the three advertised as required before clearing began. 

It had dropped its grade requirements for maths from at least one A* and two AAs to one A and two Bs and from three As in law to three Bs.

Liverpool University had more than 200 courses in clearing and Durham and Nottingham were also waiting to fill places…

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How do you feel about universities dropping their grade requirements like this in order to maximise intakes? 

Is there a danger we might just end up encouraging too many people to go to university or is that the wrong way to look at it?


Are we encouraging too many young people to go to university now?


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  1. Dropping entry requirements could lead to students starting courses and then struggling.  This could lead to drop out.  On the other hand, perhaps the higher entry requirements before this year were set too high because uni places were limited.  Only time will tell.

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