Claims teacher took primary class on political rally carrying “end austerity” placards

The Times is reporting that a primary teacher has sparked a row over political bias after taking her class on an anti-austerity march…

The paper says a primary school teacher has been accused of “bringing politics into the classroom” after taking a group of ten-year-old pupils on a three-hour protest as part of work raising awareness of poverty and food banks.

Karen Lorimer from St George’s Primary School in Glasgow is also said to have arranged for visits to the school from politicians, including Labour and SNP MSPs and the former Socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan, but no representatives of the Conservatives or Liberal Democrats.

The children were apparently seen carrying “end austerity” placards at the march and this has led to complaints to Glasgow city council which has in turn issued “reminders” to all schools in its area about the need to ensure that lessons were “politically balanced”. 

The report suggests Ms Lorimer was “spoken to” but had not been disciplined…

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Getting children more aware of politics seems a good thing and even perhaps going to observe a rally or march, but surely not having them participate and carry placards?

What if another teacher had done the same at, for example, a UKIP rally? Would they have been spoken to any differently?

Let us where you think the boundaries are here...


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  1. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove hope relevant risk assessment forms were correctly filled in! Splinters from placards etc lol xx

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove British values on show here – maybe the teacher should be praised?! A rally is too much but politician visits aren’t

  3. Trundling17

    SchoolsImprove We don’t know the details of what the input prior to this was. If thoroughly taught etc then I’ve got a sneaking admiration

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