Christmas party cancelled after drunken sixth form college students end up in hospital

Cambridge News is reporting that several local sixth form students ended up in hospital after a social event at a city venue – prompting college chiefs to cancel the Christmas party as punishment…

Police and the ambulance service were called to The Junction in Clifton Way, where Hills Road Sixth Form students were marking the start of term.

Officers dealt with one alleged assault and paramedics took three students to hospital for vomiting. A further two students were taken to Addenbrooke’s by their parents, who were called to the venue.

Other unconfirmed reports suggested a group of boys played a game in which they challenged each other to “snog” the most girls and record each one with a notch on their arm, before boasting about it on Facebook.

Alcohol was not sold at the event but school bosses say students must have been drinking before the bash and have now cancelled the forthcoming Christmas party at the venue.

In a statement, the college – named as the “crème de la crème” of state schools in England – said: “The college has organised trouble-free student social events at Cambridge Junction for many years, each year for 600-800 students. There has always been strong, effective partnership between college staff and staff at Cambridge Junction.

“It is a no alcohol event – none served during the event and students instructed not to drink before the event or to bring alcohol to the event. This year a small minority of students nevertheless had consumed alcohol before the event.

“Two students who had clearly been drinking before the event were refused entry, were looked after by staff until parents arrived and then taken to A&E, accompanied by their parents.

“Student Winter event at Cambridge Junction has been cancelled. No student has been reported for engaging in a ‘Facebook snogging issue’ at the event.”

The bash took place on October 8 for students at the college, which was named the best state sixth form college in the country by The Sunday Times last year, while upmarket magazine Tatler included it among its list of 30 “crème de la crème” state schools in England…

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Tricky one this as the college seems to have done a good job in helping facilitate a social event that was alcohol free only for the students to mess things up. What’s your take on it? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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