Christine Blower: The Government is privatising our school system – and disregarding parents, teachers and communities

Writing in the Metro, NUT leader Christine Blower argues that Nicky Morgan’s move to turn more schools into academies will not benefit pupils…

…Nicky Morgan justifies this extended and accelerated privatisation of our school system by claiming that the Government cares about standards. Yet there is now a mountain of evidence which shows that there is no ‘academy effect’ on standards in schools. Indeed, research by the Sutton Trust concluded that the very poor results of some academy chains – both for pupils generally and for the disadvantaged pupils they were particularly envisaged to support – comprised ‘a clear and urgent problem’.

Not only that but today’s Education and Adoption Bill seeks to target primary schools in its attack on 1,000 schools deemed to be ‘failing’ or ‘coasting’. This is despite there being no evidence-base whatsoever supporting the idea that academy status is a positive good in the primary sector. Even the Commons Education Select Committee agrees that ‘there is no convincing evidence’ on the effectiveness of the programme. Indeed, the Local Schools Network argues that there is in fact a negative impact…

The Academies Act was driven by ideology, not evidence, and today’s Education & Adoption Bill builds on this by removing opportunities for consultation and legal challenges on academisation. This is symptomatic of a Government which is increasingly hostile to people’s democratic right to challenge decisions made in Westminster. For further evidence witness the attacks on legal aid, judicial review and the latest threat to the Human Rights Act.

Now Nicky Morgan seeks not just to ignore dissent, but to silence it altogether. This is an attack on parents and teachers as well as elected local councillors and the communities which schools serve. This is a threat to democracy which will be strongly opposed by campaigners…

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So not much of a honeymoon period for the new government then…

Christine Blower makes her views very clear in this article (especially the full text) so what would you expect her to do about it, if anything?

Or, having won a majority with this plan clearly in their manifesto, ais the government perfectly justified in moving forward?

Please give us your reactions and suggestions for what should happen next in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. The Tories may have a slight majority and be able to claim the country supports its policies but removing democratic rights from school governors, staff and parents is more symptomatic of a dictatorial government not a democratic one.

  2. janboo

    SchoolsImprove Tories used to be big on parental choice. Now it’s down to ‘like it or lump it’.

  3. Simmo13

    So, isn’t it time our teacher unions amalgamated, creating a genuine professional body for teachers and giving us the power to fight for better education?

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