China monitors university entrance exams with drones

The AFP news agency (via the Mail) is reporting that officials in China have been using drones and high-tech radio surveillance trucks at schools across the country to try to curb increasingly sophisticated cheating methods…

…Beijing deployed 17,000 police officers to redirect traffic and increase security at the testing sites, and also set up service stations to treat anxious parents should any suffer heart attacks, the city government said in a statement.

The exam is the only method used to gain entry to the nation’s universities which for poorer children can mean the difference between a white-collar office job and a life as a migrant labourer.

Officials in Luoyang, in Henan province purchased a drone designed to search for radio signals that could indicate cheating students, according to the Dahe News, the official provincial newspaper.

It will monitor signals from 500 metres above the test site, the paper said.

Photos on the website of the government-run China Daily showed radio engineering technicians using computers and scanning devices to search for signals that could be used to transmit answers to students…

In past years cheating devices have been found to be sewn into clothes…

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Cheating robs honest students of the outcomes they deserve so credit to them for taking these steps if they are needed, but should any exams ever be so important they drive people to such lengths to get a better result?

Out of interest, are we confident students in this country aren’t using technology to cheat in similar ways?

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