Children have to walk nearly a mile to school… Despite primary being just across the road

The Press and Journal are reporting that children at a newly-approved housing development across the road from an Aberdeen primary will have to walk to another school nearly a mile away.

The 350-home Pinewood-Hazledene estate has been designated as fitting into the catchment area of Hazlehead Primary School, 1.8 miles away, despite it only being half a mile away from Airyhall.

Last night, SNP education spokesman Alex Nicoll called on the local authority’s Labour-led administration to keep its school estate “under watch” to ensure similar zoning situations do not occur.

“The problem is that historically these schools have been built to serve certain communities and then these communities have been added to and actually grown so large the school can’t accommodate the children.”

Last night, the council’s vice-convener of education said the administration regularly reviewed catchment areas in the city. Councillor Scott Carle said: “The school estate is looked at on a regular basis and this development falls within the Glashieburn Primary School and Oldmachar Academy catchment area.

“The most important aspect of education is ensuring that our children receive the best education possible and I am confident that both Glashieburn Primary School and Oldmachar Secondary school will offer that to children living in this new development.”

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  1. neil_play

    SchoolsImprove I used to walk over a mile to school, when one was yards away. Perhaps a reason why I was so fit, healthy and risk aware?

  2. Nairb1

    What the local authorities need to ensure is that catchment areas ensure that all children’s homes are exactly the same distance from their designated primary school. Easy!!

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