Children skip meals or binge on energy drinks to fit in extra SATs study time

Nottingham Post is reporting concerns that young people are skipping breakfast for a few extra minutes of study. Children are also turning to energy drinks and even smoking to help them in their exams, according to a new poll.

A poll of 1,000 pupils who took their Key Stage 2 tests last year found that almost a fifth of city pupils had skipped breakfast in favour of extra preparation time.

In total 19 per cent said they lost sleep worrying over the tests, which take place across England this week, and some 18 per cent said they’d stayed up late to revise.

When polled, 14 per cent said they couldn’t eat due to nerves, and a further 18 per cent said they felt hungry before exams due to skipping meals.

One in six children in Nottingham didn’t eat most mornings of SATs week.

Child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer said: “It’s a worrying trend that children are feeling pressured at such a young age to the extent that it affects their sleep and diet.”

“The paradox is that these children are actually reducing their chances of success, as sleep and nutrition play a large part in a child’s ability to cope with challenges faced during the day.”

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What do you think? Is a good breakfast the best way to prepare for an exams? Should breakfast be skipped in favour of extra study? 

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  1. The_little_pea

    SchoolsImprove I feel for all kids pressured by SATS but sadly this highlights a prevalent nutrition problem which isn’t due to SATS


    SchoolsImprove That’s as bad as Cameron’s scaremongering campaign to stay in the EU – Kids see energy drinks as being cool – Need educating

  3. gov2


    Or, there be a prevalent nutrition problem and “Children skip meals or binge on energy drinks to fit in extra SATs study time”.

  4. misterunwin

    SchoolsImprove amidst the grimness & handwringing(most from people who haven’t seen the paper)thanks for giving me a giggle.No they haven’t

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