Children from poor families ‘twice as likely’ to have special needs

The TES is reporting a new study that suggests pupils from low-income families are more likely to be identified as having special educational needs than their better-off classmates.

…Children from low-income families are more likely to be born with inherited special needs and disabilities (SEND) and are more likely to develop them in childhood…

But those from poor backgrounds are less likely to receive support than those children from richer families with special needs, says the report from LKMCo, an education think tank, and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation research charity.

The report, Special Educational Needs and their links to poverty … cites government statistics showing that 13 per cent of those pupils not on free school meals have special educational needs.

But among pupils who are eligible for free school meals, the proportion with SEND rises to over a quarter (29 per cent).

It says that the reforms to improve the SEND system have “admirable intentions, and are yielding some improvements”, but says children are still falling through the gaps in a “fragmented education system”…

Helen Barnard, head of analysis at Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said: “We have seen a really welcome focus from the government and schools on closing the attainment gap between richer and poorer children. This research shows that we need to match this with a commitment to ensure that those with special educational needs and disabilities are able to achieve positive outcomes and move into adulthood with the skills and qualifications they need.”…

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